Top Five orGLAMic Dog Accessories

What better way to celebrate the ‘dog days of summer’ than with a compilation of some of the best orGLAMic goods for your four legged friends?  Whether it is eating, playing, sleeping or traveling, Fido can now show the other dogs on the block how to be eco-conscious and chic at the same time.  If you are a feline-love, don’t fear, most of the companies listed below offer items for your favorites as well – but with our rescued Chihuahua playing office mascot, this article is strictly for the pups.  Read below for this week’s Top Five orGLAMic Picks.


Offering a variety of different food and water bowls, Vurv’s items made of Wenge wood are eco-friendly and sleek all at once.  The Wenge wood is an earth-friendly, engineered composite veneer and is, in my opinion, the most beautiful of all the options.  I certainly wouldn’t mind having these chic bowls on a kitchen floor (or hotel suite foyer.)


Available online through one of our favorite eco-retailers, West Paw Design, the Reknitz’ sweaters are ideal for dogs that enjoy the snowy French Alps as much as you do.  These sweaters are partially made of reclaimed cotton yarn derived from pre-consumer textile table remnants, and are available in 7 sizes and various colors.

Simply Fido

The Simply Fido Organic Pet Toys Collection has so many irresistible toys for those of you that like to play rough and tumble or just share cuddles with your pooches.  The collection includes items made of organic cotton, hemp and bamboo, and has plush toys, rung toys, rope toys, snuggly knits and even petite sizes for your littlest loves.

Itzy Ritzy

Itzy Ritzy’s Wet Happened bags are a great way to transport pet food while traveling from home to home.  The durable, reusable pouches are PVC-free, machine washable, and chic enough to pull out while en route to your destination.  Available in 12 bold and colorful prints, the Avocado Damask and Social Circle Blue are my orGLAMic picks.

Molly Mutt

Keep your BFF happy with these glam dog bed duvets.  I fell so in love with the Title Track Dog Duvet shown above that I had to buy one for my little guy.  While not made of organic cotton (yet!) these pouches are designed to be stuffed with items you already own, such as old blankets and clothing – this upcycling keeps waste out of landfills and helps repurpose materials otherwise destined for the dump.

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