Montage Laguna Beach Offers New Family Packages

Montage Laguna Beach celebrates the reality of family vacations: There are usually kids involved, meaning less spa time for you and more “Are we there yet?” moments. Fortunately for Montage guests, this ordeal can be put to rest, as the hotel now features a collection of 2010 Montage Family Summer Experiences that cater to the entire family. Most of the offers include complimentary children admission, too.

Aside from regular daily activities offered at the resort, which can be viewed here, Laguna Beach’s Ocean Institute, Pretend Children’s Museum, and South Coast Plaza have all teamed up with the resort to give you haute deals.

If the ocean is your calling, the Ocean Institute (who would’ve guessed?) offers great weekend fun. While there, you can learn all about ocean science, board a themed cruise, or go for a sail excursion.

Catering to the younger crowd is Pretend City’s Museum, which offers interactive exhibits that allow the imagination to run wild while “pretending” to be adults. Children can do anything from grocery shopping and banking to visiting the doctor.

When you’re ready to head back to the real world, South Coast Plaza, also known as Orange County’s “Ultimate Shopping Destination” is home to more than 280 boutiques, 30 restaurants, and performing arts venues. If that hasn’t sold you, then the discounts at a handful of the shops and restaurants will. These offers are only inclusive for Montage guests.

And when you’re ready for that spa time, Montage offers that, too.