Haute Hotspot NYC: Halo/Air Salt Rooms

When I was eight, my father bought me an I love New York T-shirt. I wore it proudly and though I haven’t updated my wardrobe with a current size, I do in fact love this city. The fast pace, the endless lines of yellow cabs, late night diner bites, red carpet events, fashion week, and the list goes on.

However, the polluted air, the noise and career pressures can take a toll on the nervous system, skin, and lungs. As someone who has struggled with acne for the past decade, the idea that cocooning myself in a salt room with salt mined from European salt caves at 300 meters below ground would alleviate my constant quest for clear skin was intriguing. And better yet, at an easily accessible location at 22nd street between 6th and 7th avenue. I’m honored to share a little of what I learned about this must try treatment at Halo/Air Salt Rooms.

What the salt?

One might wonder, where does all this salt come from? Halo/Air is not a room filled with your average table salt. As you should have learned in geography class, twenty million years ago, an ocean covered what is now known as Eastern Europe. What you may not have learned is once the sea dried up, salt was left 10 – 300 meters (32 – 984 feet) below ground. These became known as “salt caves.” The climate of the Eastern European salt caves is low humidity and salt particles in the air, ideal purifying conditions for health and wellness. The salt in Halo/Air in Chelsea is imported from these caves. The climate is replicated by a unique device called a HaloGenerator, which creates filters the air, grinds and atomizes the salt into air particles.

Who Started Halo/Air?

The mastermind behind these white rooms playfully balancing a mixed vibe of the beginning of time, the Jetsons and contemporary life is Ron Rofe. Incredibly sharp and focused, Ron Rofe is the owner and founder of Halo/Air. He was first introduced to salt caves in Isreal when his mother was diagnosed with a rare bacterial disease. She discovered visits to salt rooms alleviated pain as an alternative to harsh traditional medicines.

What are the Benefits?

Open 7 Days a week, safe for all ages, and easy to access, Halo/Air Salt Rooms have countless benefits. It’s a natural and alternative treatment for chronic pulmonary diseases, allergies, common cold, congestion, heart and vascular problems.

For those who don’t necessarily have these health concerns there are many additional benefits. For one you can escape the heat in the summer or the freezing cold in the winter. The treatment is incredibly healthy for your body and your mind. If you have a small apartment you can rent a living room for an hour, and it’s great for your skin.

During my hour session, I scanned Shape Magazine, watched Food Network and then the Hills, dozed for a few minutes and just felt the weight of the world melt away while inhaling long breaths of healthy air purifying my lungs. When I left I felt renergized, focused and happy. It was like I had experienced a mini vacation in only an hour and at $65 that’s a serious haute luxury deal on the go.

A Haute Special!

From July 15 until September 6, Halo/Air Salt Rooms will be offering 25% off all sessions Mondays thru Fridays.

For more details and information: http://www.haloair.com

Halo Salt is located at 133 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 646.666.0554