Haute Latte: Whynatte?

For those of you not familiar with the drink, The Whynatte Latte was born out of a simple concoction of Jagermeister and home-brewed latte, otherwise known as a “Whynatte” shot. Atlanta natives Jesse Altman and Andy Wessels started to make these at home concoctions and soon developed the Whynatte blog (www.whynatte.com/blog) which highlighted their shenanigans. Basically, they were tired of the Red Bull and ready to move on to a more sophisticated drink.

Now, Whynatte is much more than a “shot” (minus the Red Bull). It is even more than a cocktail. Whynatte has grown into a lifestyle phenomenon.  So what is the actual product? Whynatte is an 8-ounce latte in a can, made with hormone and antibiotic free milk, and weighing in at only 100 calories per can. Maybe that does not sound so appealing or even that original, but they are actually really good — even without the booze. And in less than two years, the guys behind the drink (Altman and Wessels) have spread their branding across the globe with brilliant marketing (some by default) and delicious latte drinks.

But even cooler than this ready-to-drink latte are the creative Whynatte concoctions served up around town. Here are my picks for the some of the hautest Whynatte cocktails. For more information, make sure to visit their website, www.whynatte.com.

The Whynatte Martini at P’Cheen


1.5 ounces Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka

3 ounces Whynatte Latte

Splash of Chambord

P’Cheen is located at 701-5 Highland Ave.. 404.529.8800

Slim Mint at Burkhart’s Pub


4 ounces Whynatte Latte

1.5 ounces Rumple Minze

Served as a shot or a cocktail.

Burkhart’s Pub is located at 1492 Piedmont Ave. N.E., 404.872.4403

The Saint at Noni’s

½ shot Jameson
½ shot Bailey’s
4 ounces Whynatte Latte
Can be served as a cocktail or shot

Noni’s is located at 357 Edgewood Ave., 404.343.1808