New Natural Grocers Going Up in the Old Whole Foods Spot

I’m a fan of health food stores. The Whole Foods chain has spawned many grocers that work in the same vein, offering organic, wholesome varieties of the foods we love without all that “processed” this or “partially hydrogenated” that. And, having seen my fair share of meat packing documentaries, I’m basically on the verge of vegetarianism anyway (I say verge, because come on, we’re Texans after all.)

Which is why I’m thrilled to announce that a Natural Grocers is popping up in the old Whole Foods location at Preston and Forest Lane, a nice 11,000 square foot chunk of retail space. It’s a small, family-owned chain based out of Lakewood, Colorado, which already has one successful location in far North Dallas on Coit and Campbell. And it’s going up right across from Whole Foods’ fancy new home.

What you’ll find at Natural Grocers: organic items, grass-fed meats, natural body-care items like hemp lip liner and Beauty Without Cruelty eye-makeup remover, and much more. Like Amy’s organic products? You’ll will find many more selections of the company’s frozen meals, including more breakfasts, such as steel-cut oats, and more dinners, such as a Southern combination of brown rice, black-eyed peas and veggies.

What you won’t find anywhere in Natural Grocers: bags. paper or plastic (you have to bring your own bags or use some of their recycled boxes), artificial sweeteners like Splenda, partially-hydrogenated anything, as well as products made with DEET or Olestra. Basically, anything that has been synthesized in a lab, you can count it out. We’re talking all natural, no exceptions.

You would think that giants like Whole Foods would be the king of the food chain in this situation, but as it turns out, the organic market isn’t exactly cornered.  In fact, in Boulder, Colorado, both stores happily coexist across the parking lot from one another. Hmmm. Maybe going organic does lead to world peace.