Achieving Food and Beverage Equilibrium

What do ancient mathematics and foodies have in common besides an uncanny ability to calculate tip amounts? The new Little Italy gem, One. Six One’s newfound interest in the Golden Ratio. Confident their food is heavy in philosophy and worldly wonder, One. Six One promises balance and symmetry.

Balanced small plates maybe, given the tapas-style environment, but the global influences are literally all across the board with at least seven powerhouse countries represented. And I’m talking from Japanese sashimi to Greek olives, Indian curry soup and Italian cannoli. These mix and match combos sound even more random than some of the World Cup Match-ups. Now, whether it’s an around the world trip to ecstasy or stomach pains remains to be seen, but they do earn bonus points for creativity and a killer patio. At least now when you argue with your significant other on where to go for dinner, you can both be satisfied somewhere.

They even managed to class up the good old America chicken wing a la drumsticks with truffle chicken mousse, bleu cheese fondue, and buffalo sauce. Go Team USA. Bar 10 Doors will be opening in conjunction as the restaurant’s next door late night spot, providing global options of liquor flights.

Hopefully One. Six One can measure up to the great architects and artists of days past or they have a lot of explaining to do.

1251 W Taylor. 312-226-1611