Haute Spas: Get Creative with These Three Treatments

Just when you think you’ve tried everything at the spa, along comes something new that you just have to indulge in at least once. And Vegas is just the place to do that. Here’s a look at three innovative spa treatments that you can add on the next time you decide to escape the insanity of The Strip and relax.

Go Backless

Summers in Las Vegas mean you’ll be spending a lot of time showing off your assets, including your back. You can treat your back to the same type of facial treatment you get on your face with the Backless at the Spa at The Mirage. This 50-minute treatment uses two masks to treat and hydrate your back, followed by a relaxing lotion that leaves your back extremely touchable.

Backless at the Spa at the Mirage, $130, 702.791.7472

Sole Searching
Traipsing around Las Vegas in sandals can leave your feet in need of some tender loving care. When a pedicure alone won’t do, try adding a JellyBath treatment at the MGM Grand Spa. The product turns into a translucent fluffy jelly that detoxifies while reducing swelling. Just imagine walking on a cloud instead of concrete.

JellyBath treatment with any pedicure at the MGM Grand Spa, $15, 702.891.3077

Sun-Kiss Your Glow
One of the least attractive things you’ll see on The Strip is a nasty sunburn on someone who forgot that temperatures over 100 degrees are going to scald their skin quickly. First, wear sunscreen. Second, skip the harmful rays and go with Chocolate Sun Tanning at Vdara Health & Beauty. This natural and organic sunless tanning company uses natural and wild-crafted products to take care of your skin while giving you that summer glow.

Chocolate Sun Tanning at Vdara Health & Beauty, $65, 702.590.2474