Fancy a Nibble? Fish Therapy Arrives in Kensington

The ultimate pedicure has arrived in time for summer with London’s first ever fish therapy concept spa, Aqua Sheko, opening it doors in Kensington today. A popular beauty treatment in Asia, fish therapy is a relaxing way to remove dead skin from your feet as tiny fish gently suck and nibble away the dead skin, leaving your feet smooth and revitalized.

Founder of Aqua Sheko, Karen Ho, is excited to bring fish therapy to London and believes it is important for everyone to look after their feet. “Winter can be very punishing on our feet. It is easy to forget about your feet when you are hiding them away in boots but it’s essential that we look after them. Fish therapy is an enjoyable and relaxing way to remove a build up of dead skin and maintain smooth, good looking feet all year round.”

Fish therapy is a beauty therapy treatment that uses Garra Rufa fish, a form of carp, to gently remove dead skin. The fish have no teeth and use a sucking motion to painlessly lift away dead skin without damaging new health cells underneath, and leaving you with a pleasant tingling sensation similar to a light massage.

While fish therapy might be new to London, these miniature pedicurists have been perfecting the feet of bathers for centuries. Found naturally in hot springs near Kangal, Turkey, it is believed that Garra Rufa fish secrete an enzyme—diathanol—that improves skin regeneration. Fish therapy has been used to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and is suitable for anyone suffering from dry skin.

With its sleek and dark oriental inspired décor the salon is an exotic hideaway where you can escape the chaos of city life. You do not have to remove any clothing to enjoy the benefits of fish therapy and so a trip to Aqua Shelo makes the perfect lunchtime mini pampering session either alone or with friends. In the 45-minute treatment, expect your feet to be washed and prepped for treatment, thirty minutes of fish therapy where the tiny little fishes will suckle on your feet – don’t worry it’s not that ticklish, and an after-treatment massage.

Aqua Sheko has eight state-of-the-art pools, allowing one client per pool, which are filtered and fed by a constant oxygen supply to ensure clean water and a healthy environment for the fish. In addition, the pools are sterilized using ultra-violet lights.

Ms Ho was inspired to bring fish therapy to London after receiving the treatment herself whilst on holiday in Macau. “Fish therapy was so effective it was like a mask had been removed from my feet, the results were instant.”

Aqua Sheko, 14 Holland St., High Street Kensington, London W8 4LT. To indulge your feet in a fish therapy session and prepare them for sexy summer sandals visit