Al Fresco: The Haute 5 Outdoor Dining Restaurants in San Francisco

Now that summertime in San Francisco is in full swing, it’s time to take advantage of this gorgeous weather. What better way to enjoy those warm summer nights than by eating at a restaurant with fantastic patio seating. Here is my list of the best outdoor dining in San Francisco.



A very well known happy hour destination, Americano is the perfect hotspot for some tasty beverages and satisfying cuisine after a long day in the office. They boast a large front patio, accompanied with long wooden tables, plush benches, and heat lamps. The menu is a blend of California cuisine with a rustic Italian influence. Americano is located right along the Embarcadero, which makes their view of the Ferry Building and Bay Bridge unrivaled.

Americano is located at 8 Mission St., San Francisco. For reservations call 415.278.3777 or visit

Foreign Cinema

Foreign Cinema’s mix of Californian and Mediterranean cuisine has won them a multitude of accolades from the foodie community and beyond. Not only is this restaurant famous for their delicious fare, but they also have one of the most unique outdoor dining experiences in San Francisco. To live up to their name, the restaurant plays independent and foreign films projected against the wall of their covered outdoor courtyard. The scheduled list of films can be found here.

Foreign Cinema is located at 2534 Mission St., San Francisco. For reservations call 415.648.7600 or visit

Chez Spencer

People come to Chez Spencer for the delicious food and the blissful atmosphere. Entering through the front curtains of the restaurant you are greeted by the dim lighting of their outdoor dining area. The patio is kept warm by the glow of the heating lamps and has a quaint French country ambiance. This is the perfect open-air dining spot for a romantic summer date.

Chez Spencer is located at 82 14th St., San Francisco. For reservations call 415.864.2191 or visit

The Blue Plate

The garden patio of The Blue Plate projects a feeling of whimsy. Located in the back of the restaurant, the area’s surrounding walls are crawling with ivy and splashes of tiled mosaics. The wooden tables and chairs are dispersed throughout the courtyard. The patio is filled with large plants and trees giving the tables some privacy. At night time, twinkling lights provide the restaurant with a more romantic vibe. The chefs are dedicated to using locally grown organic produce to concoct their American and rustic Mediterranean dishes.

The Blue Plate is located at 3218 Mission St., San Francisco. For reservations call 415.282-6777 or visit


This popular restaurant is recognized by most foodies in the San Francisco area. Known for its delicious seasonal Italian cuisine, as well as its two spin-off pizzerias, this trattoria is a must-try. The restaurant has a boisterous ambiance and friendly staff, as well as a cozy sheltered outdoor seating area.

Delfina is located at 3621 18th St., San Francisco. For reservations call 415. 552.4055 or visit