Sarah Burton Debuts Alexander McQueen’s Cruise Collection for 2011

The tragedy of Alexander McQueen’s passing is one that is still fresh in the minds of fashionistas and design houses across the world. Sarah Burton, who took over creative control of McQueen’s label a little over a month ago, has shown her first women’s cruise collection for the 2011 season. We are quite pleased with the results we’ve seen. There were worries she might lose the edge that the McQueen label is known for, but what she has shown is fantastic. Burton says that her goal for the collection was to “juxtapose the pale and the delicate with the bold and armorial. It’s about a highly structured torso that gives way to a more fluid silhouette or drop waists that lead to a finned trouser or skirt.”

The signature power shoulders and tailored look that makes McQueen so distinct is still intact and looks incredible. It is a completely feminine collection, but still takes on the strong and structured angles with armored tops and plunging necklines that make Alexander McQueen’s line one of the most brave and fearless collections on the market. The gowns have draping trains and some take on a Japanese infused geisha inspired sleeve. It’s exciting to see that the House of McQueen has not strayed from the the formula that has made them so beloved, and that Burton has stayed true to Lee’s—as he is known to close friends and family—vision. With the full men’s collection debuting a few days ago and the cruise collection debuting, we look forward to seeing what Sarah Burton has to offer the fashion world in the future.