The International I-Pad: Will it type with an accent?

As of June, we’re no longer exclusively owning the trendiest piece of technology out there.  By the end of the month, people from Australia to Germany to Japan to Spain will be able to get their hands on the I-Pad and the lines are forming already. If you’re in Europe right now getting excited, you should have pre-ordered one of these hot numbers a week ago, because to think you can walk into an Apple store and browse a selection, leisurely choosing one that speaks directly to you is a silly, sad notion.  Like their release in the US, no one is walking away with one on the release date without pre-ordering, pre-purchasing, or hanging out with Steve Wozniak himself.   If you’re thinking for one moment that maybe the international crowd is too cool for our favorite new gadget, you should probably look to the millions of I-Pad applications they are already downloading, in their fashionable jeans while riding the Eurorail, no doubt.

Does this mean the I-Pad is covering the globe by June?  Not quite.  This first international release is limited to nine lucky countries, while forcing the next wave of recipients to wait until July.  If they are smart, though, they’re already pre-ordering the rainmakers and all the applications right this very second in Singapore and planning to be in line bright and early in two months.  Eventually, the I-Pad will be available everywhere, but this slow release is such a great way to keep us excited worldwide, playing hard to get like a pro.

And just in case some people out there still haven’t jumped on the I-Pad craze, the I-Pad is like a bigger, cooler, faster I-Phone with a lot more abilities while raising your status sky-high when you whip it out in public.  It includes a web-browsing system, thousands of applications, and a compact size that is so much easier to carry around than a soon-to-become-outdated laptop.  Apple is rapidly becoming what the “cool kids” are buying, and becoming so hipster that we can only guess what’s coming next.  With this international release bringing so much buzz already, we think the PC world should probably take note.  Although, Bill Gates trembling in his billionaire boots is about as likely as an I-Pad overstock clearance rack.  Welcome to the I-Pad frenzy international world, we’re so happy you can join our pandemonium!