J Black’s Feel Good Lounge: A Welcome Austin Transplant

As if we needed another reason to head over to Henderson Avenue’s bar and restaurant row. After Park opened up with its refined cocktails and kickass patio, I myself have braved the parking havoc on weekend nights to settle in for some good old fashioned relaxin’, maybe even stopping in to Barcadia for some ski ball. But now that J. Black’s Feel Good Lounge moved in, open to the public on Monday, I can only anticipate cab fares from here on out. Or perhaps helicopter.

Being a UT alum I have visited the Austin location, J. Black’s first home, and I couldn’t wait to see it here in the big D. I loved everything about it’s 6th Street venue, most specifically the fact that it was so anti-6th street, in regard to the frat house drinking holes typically contributing to the delinquency of minors with fake ID’s in the area. The vibe is ultra cool, with its curved bar and posted artwork from local Austin artists on the walls. The food menu boasts sophisticated, decadent dishes not typically found at a loungy bar setting, making it perfect both for happy hour and dinner time. Munch on some hummus or baked pigs in a blanket with an incredible Creole mustard sauce. Their New Zealand or Oatmeal Crusted Lamp Chop Lollipops with gorgonzola dipping sauce not only sound incredibly fun to eat, but also taste insanely naughty. When have you ever dipped lamp into anything but mint sauce? Cool factor: the outdoor patio, perfect to take a hip mom this Sunday, since their brunch menu is also out of this world. How could you not feel good?