Dori’s World: Bits and Bites

Last Wednesday was a typical night in New York City. My friend Charlotte Freund called me a week before and asked me to be her guest at a movie premiere. Well, what happens when we arrive? Ha, we are at the theater on the wrong Wednesday night, so Charlotte and I decided to see a movie at the theater anyway.

Afterward, we headed down to Lion, where it is always hopping. This particular night it was packed with the likes of Lauren Santo Domingo, Andres Santo Domingo, Charlotte Freund, Lyle Maltz, Topper Mortimer, fashion designer Charlotte Ronson, Mark Ronson, Uzay Kozak in from Turkey, Donna Karan and her daughter, Helen Shifter, Robert Vecsler, Lesley Thompson head of PR for Louis Vuitton, Sarah Howard, Debbie Bancroft, Danny Baker, and of course Mark Jarrett and Sean who keep Lion the ultimate hot spot, and keep it stocked with my Red Bulls.

While that was the wrap on my Wednesday night, and you’re already caught up with the private birthday party that I attended at the Core Club on Thursday night, I continued on through the weekend, enjoying all the haute offerings of our splendid city.

The weekend ended on Sunday with a lazy day at the Regency with Jarrod Posner and his new baby, the Lerners and their baby Cali, Edourd and Brooke Gerschel with their baby soon to come, John Dempsey, Marielle and Edmond Safra, and Denise Kaufman. I rounded out the day with dinner at Lizzie Grubman’s place.

I also got word from Lady Victoria, Nicky Hilton, Dino Lalvani, Goga Ashkenazi, and Francesca Versace about what an amazing time they are all having in Cannes. They were off to Bungalow 8 on Sunday night.

Can’t wait until Memorial Day for the Dellal-Crewe wedding when I am off to London to see my friend, famed shoe designer, Charlotte Olympia Dellal, get married.