Blends: A bar of three experiences in one stylish setting

There’s been a lot of recent rave about Blends at The Address Hotel in Dubai Marina. Of course the bar is situated in the uber-chic Address Hotel, but it boasts something more: It’s design gives the idea of a cigar bar, lounge, and cocktail bar all in one stylish setting.

Blends’ decor comes complete with crystal candelabras, high-backed leather chairs, and modern art sculpture dispersed elegantly throughout. Party goers can easily have a chat in the lounge, drink a cocktail at the bar, or get their groove on on the dance floor. It is classy, fun, and charming; a combination not offered by many Dubai night clubs. The music is usually House played by one of the city’s top DJs such as Sam Farsio and Kennedy unless it is Studio 54 party which will have you dancing the night away to wonderful 70s and 80s music.

As for the price? Well, it certainly leans on the more expensive side which is typical for any bar located in a five-star hotel. A pint is around 42 Dirhams and late night munchies are delicious and satisfying but also hard on the wallet. All in all, Blends is a wonderful spot and great addition to the Dubai night scene. Be prepared to dance the night away. 04 436 7777