The Luxury of Lather

When celebrities start buzzing about what keeps them looking, well, like celebrities, we all start to listen.  When magazines pick up the buzz and start suggesting products, we consider the line. When Oprah Winfrey says she loves it, we all drop what we’re doing and start the shopping.

While Lather definitely benefits from the endorsements of public figures, its excellence stands on its own as both a brand and a retail establishment. Lather opened up in Scottsdale’s Kierland Commons in 2003 and since then has become increasingly more popular.

The company is not only committed to creating the most effective products for skin care as well as remaining green and eco-friendly, using only 100 percent natural ingredients, it focuses on holistic approaches to skin care, employing natural ingredients to create both healthy skin and minds. Lather sticks to the motto, “It’s what’s inside that counts”, and are always striving to find the best combinations of natural ingredients to create better products. From the website to its shops to interviews with owner Emilie Davidson Hoyt, one message is continuously repeated, which is that of living a radiant life. Lather starts with your skin care regime and spreads the idea of radiant living throughout the entire being.

With products such as the widely talked about Bamboo Silk Foaming Facial Scrub beautifying the face with gentle bamboo silk and the Lavender Lime Moisturizer soothing sun-weary skin while packing in the antioxidants, it’s clear why everyone is talking about Lather. The products not only truly work on the skin, they bring a freshness to the chemical-heavy beauty-product industry and get us back to what sounds logical: natural ingredients. While we all strive to purvey healthy foods to feed our bodies, it makes a lot of sense to use the same ideology in our skin care.

Lather doesn’t just talk the talk, by the way, they are partners with in hopes to reduce its carbon footprint and do its part to work on the reforestation with the group. It’s nice to see an eco-friendly sense of responsibility in luxurious products.