Your New WTF Bar: A Punk Rock Circus and Speakeasy

The Shady Lady, located in the former Garrett Ripley’s River North spot, is definitely different. The bizarre concept is the brainchild of Daryl Hannah, former industry giant (Iggy’s, Harry’s Velvet Room) as he struggles to reclaim his place in nightlife fame.

The walls are clad with murals of circus freaks and sideshows, and a large stage will feature spontaneous performances of everything from jazz performers to burlesque shows to poets and musicians. Rocking the speakers are be a combination of punk and old school rock and roll. Basically visualize your hipster crossed with pinup mixed with a little LP. There will also be a daytime Biker Brunch followed by a Bartenders Brunch, which will serve the industry’s finest after a long night until 6 p.m.

Downstairs though, is where you want to know. Appropriately entitled “Private,” VIP keys gain access to Shady Lady’s private subterranean speakeasy featuring its own unique beer/cocktail selections.  To add to the haute factor, Shady will sell 42 private boxes to spirits connoisseurs who want to take bottle service to the next level. Think of it as your own personal stash of super high-end whiskeys, small-batch gins, bourbons and other hard-to-find boozes that will be sold for an annual membership subscription. Boxes will be kept under lock and key behind the bar.

Whether Shady is memorable in a good way remains to be seen, but any PR is good PR right? We’ll let you judge for yourself.

The Shady Lady, 712 N Clark St. Chicago, IL.