Royal Treatments: Alvadora Spa at Royal Palms

When you imagine paradise, do you picture a white sand beach? A clear blue ocean? A to-do list without millions of pressing events? Well, you’re wrong. What you need to start picturing is the Alvadora Spa at the Royal Palms Resort.

The Royal Palms is that tucked-away historical resort in Scottsdale where anyone who knows best makes a point to visit or host an event.  Boutique in size and hospitality, this is one of the greatest resorts our state has to offer with top-of-the-line everything, no exceptions.

Once upon a time, Alvadora was only open to resort guests, giving you an uber-exclusive feeling when you enter as a “local”. With only a handful of spa rooms and lacking the staff of a dozen nameless guest shufflers, Alvadora starts relaxing you the moment you are greeted warmly by the same person that will tell you goodbye at the end of your treatment.

The spa rooms are truly spectacular, feeling more like a separate hotel suite designed just for spa purposes than anything else. Each room, be it a couples room or single, is excessively private and for your use only. The treatment is done in one gorgeous natural stone room with the sounds of the outdoor waterfalls serenading you.   You have access from there to your own private, open-air, outdoor shower, and top it off you have another private space consisting of a large, private, whirlpool bath and patio hosting your very own outdoor fireplace.  You do not feel as if you’re at the Royal Palms Spa, you feel as if they built this spa for you and you alone.

Treatment Spotlight:

The menu of services provided at Alvadora Spa are all equally enticing, but the Citrus Ritual is truly an experience. You are pampered for 90 minutes with everything from a full body exfoliation massage while under warm water showers, to a soak in your private tub, to the full-body massage with lotions and oils.  Your skin is glowing and your body is at ease when those 90 minutes end and you find yourself debating the cost of living at The Royal Palms, just so you don’t have that pesky drive time between treatments. When it comes to the best Arizona spas, The Royal Palms’ Alvadora Spa is firmly on that list.