The Haute Way to Event Plan

Hosting an event is never an easy task.  You have to handle so many moving pieces that oftentimes the stress of the event begins to overtake your already slamming busy life and the fun is taken right out of your original idea.  Luckily for us here in Phoenix, we have an array of amazing event planners that can do all the heavy lifting, and then some, for even the grandest of affairs.  Here are some of my favorite event planning firms located here in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area:

Encore Creative

After 30 years of dominating the event planning arena in two areas, the master-planners behind both Encore Entertainment and Creative Decorating and Design merged to create one event planning powerhouse, Encore Creative.  With major events such as the Onyx Awards and every other soiree that has passed through Arizona, Encore Creative has abilities that continue to amaze even the most seasoned party-hopper. They not only help to conceptualize the most extravagant affairs, but they also have the ability to build everything in their 50,000 square foot warehouse and production center.  They take event planning to the next level.

Victoria Canada Events

Cafiero Photographers

Handling some of the biggest events in the state, Victoria Canada Events has carved an impressive name for itself in the event planning arena.  Owner Victoria Canada herself has a level of taste and professionalism that would make even Emily Post proud, and her events are run with this same drive.  Decorated many times for event planning awards and event accolades, when you’re in these hands you can rest assured that every single aspect of your expectations will be met and then surpassed.

Outstanding Occasions

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Owned by Heather Crabtree and Jennifer Thinnes, this boutique firm is gaining major momentum and is a group to watch in this field.  The ladies at Outstanding Occasions are handling some of the most attended events in Arizona and making it look easy.  From society weddings to corporate events to grand openings, Outstanding Occasions pays attention to the minutia that sets a great event apart from an amazing one.  Staffing events with as many of their team members as necessary, these ladies go far and above the norm in terms of service, excellence, and personal attention.

Imoni Events

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If you’re looking for a truly personal touch in your event, Imoni Events is the place for you.  Owner Jen Thye has created something you rarely feel when planning major events: a warm relationship.  Every client of Imoni walks away feeling as if they have not only a great event planning firm, but also a friend in it’s team members.  While the firm is small in size, they are not small in events.  Planning for some of Phoenix’s most influential movers and shakers and becoming an intimate part of their lives, Imoni is building their reputation on impeccable taste, extravagant style, and a great working relationship with clients.