Most Exquisite Indoor Swimming Pools

In anticipation of the upcoming summer, we thought we’d share a few of the world’s most luxurious private indoor swimming pools. We haven’t seen anything so lavish since Mr. Warbucks first dipped his toes in his 1930s indoor pool in the musical Annie. Here are some modern day versions in no particular order.

Lev Leviev’s pool, London, England

Diamond tycoon and billionaire Lev Leviev’s $70 million home in Hampstead, London makes our list for its gold-plated mosaic tiles.

Hearst Castle, San Simeon, California

Perhaps the most photographed pool in the world, the Hearst Castle in the hills of San Simeon may not be a private residence now, but we figure it counts just as well. As the former home of the Hearst family, the Roman-style indoor pool proves to be one of the most exquisite of its kind. Tiled from floor to ceiling in one-inch smalti tiles, the theme of a Roman bath runs throughout with images of marine monsters and replica statues of Greek gods found in the original roman baths surround the pool.

Volk Estates, Dallas, Texas

Home of Gerald Ford, this fancy pool comes complete with a large blue chandelier hanging above, wall sconces, and blue and white tiled walls. Matching lounging chairs and tiled columns add to the grandeur of the pool.

Highland Beach Mansion, Highland Beach, Florida

This mansion is actually on the market. Besides having plenty to offer including magnificent ocean views, we love the luxury of having an especially lavish indoor swimming pool. The pool features gorgeous underwater murals, a long lap pool, and elegant columns.

Updown Court

OK, so the Roman bath theme has been done, but not quite like this. Out of five swimming pools on the property, the indoor pool has skylights and a wall of windows. Surrounding the pool and Jacuzzi are his-and-hers changing rooms, a sauna, and massage room. A two-story mosaic depicts Mount Fiju and plenty of palm trees in side the poolroom.