Top Five orGLAMic Men’s Lines

Because I am an equal opportunist (and who am I kidding, I love men!) this week’s Top Five orGLAMic Picks is dedicated to all the fellas out there that want to go green but don’t want to sacrifice style while doing it.  For discriminating men across the globe this list is sure to please, in an orGLAMic fashion of course.

Collection PAS

For the hipster around town (whether that town be Paris of Brooklyn) Collection PAS offers of-the-moment orGLAMic pieces with an international flair.  With items made of natural, recycled and sustainable materials, this New York-based company even offers custom suits and the option to bring in your old T’s to line them as well.  Just call this tres orGLAMic hipster chic!


For the outdoor enthusiast (trekking Patagonia soon, anyone?) Nau offers a great collection of sustainable outdoor apparel – and they do so in style.  This orGLAMic company ‘s Spring 2010 collection offers everything from day to day basics such as shirts and shorts to serious adventure gear including insulation layers and down jackets.

Burning Torch

Because springtime evenings still have a chill to them (and flying transcontinental without a cashmere hoodie is a travesty!) Burning Torch’s sweaters are the orGLAMic way to go.  The recycled vintage cashmere hoodie pictured above is a top seller from this Los Angeles-based eco-conscious company and would look divine on any orGLAMic man.

Natural High Lifestyle

For a summer spent in Maui or an impromptu South African safari, Natural High offers great, relaxed gear for gents.  The clothes are made of natural fibers including bamboo, hemp, Tencel, organic cotton and vegetal leather derived from natural rubber trees in Brazil.  Like the picture above shows, this collection is perfect for the Venice Beach lifestyle (or Venezia, if you insist!)

Good Society

Jeans make the man.  Well, while that may be a BIT of an overstatement, a great pair of jeans can certainly go a long way in upping any ‘outfit factor.’  Good Society men’s jeans are made of organic, fairly traded denim and are fully sustainable.  They are dyed with natural dye to give a rich finish that I personally can’t take my eyes off.

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