Makes Scents: The Plaza Introduces a Signature Fragrance Collection

Traveling to exotic locales, and ritzy hotels is all the more sweet when you are able to walk away with adorable travel-size lotions, hand soaps, and body washes. A stay at a Ritz-Carlton resort could leave you with some fanciful Bulgari products; the only hitch? The teeny containers never last long enough to satisfy your taste for luxury essences.

New York’s Plaza Hotel has found a solution. Pairing with the perfumers at Krigler, they have designed their first signature fragrance collection. Called The Plaza, the range includes an eau de parfum, a scented candle, and soap with a blend of bergamot, grapefruit, verbena, Texan cedar, iris, amber, and leather notes. The collection is available exclusively at The Plaza Beauty, and plans for additional scents are in the works.