Watch Industry Giant Corum Enters the Web World

Corum, the elite watchmaker responsible for the world-renowned Admiral’s Cup series, which any watch connoisseur strives to own and show off, is announcing their new website set to debut today, March 17, 2010 at 6 p.m. (CET).

The company will reveal the new website during its press conference at Baselworld, and is set to celebrate not only the unveiling of the website but two anniversaries this year as well; a half-century of Corum’s signature Admiral’s Cup collection and the 30th anniversary of the Golden Bridge baguette movement.

Since March 12 of this year, Corum has been providing fans with teaser videos accessible through the site domain, in which guests could view videos demonstrating previews for the website. Through the website, viewers will also be able to see the company’s press conference.

By finally stepping into the world of the web, this industry giant believes that it will provide their current clients, and future ones as well, the opportunity to select from a vast collection of custom pieces, keep up with current events, and share in industry Intel.

Corum is taking this big step with the help of unique software company, Ivitech. This software company holds the reputation among their industry peers as masterful magicians, capable of producing products held to the highest standards. Combining their bold and beautiful mixtures of metal and leather with their entrance into the Internet realm will surely strengthen the company’s success.