From Florence to Florida: Santa Maria Novella to Open Bal Harbour Boutique

What’s remained untouched in Florence for almost 800 years? Well, a lot, actually. But what we care about now is the oldest and most prestigious apothecary in the world, Santa Maria Novella. While staying true to its heritage, this historic Italian pharmacy is opening a store at Bal Harbour on March 18 with a celebration to benefit The University of Miami’s Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Guests at the store’s opening will have the first look into the 300-square-foot “jewel box” boutique, which emanates old-world Italian glamour with mosaic stone floors, Italian oak shelving, brass fixtures, leather accessories, and Italian antiques. This coveted and ultra-haute Bal Harbour locale joins a list of other prominent U.S. sites for the pharmacy, including Soho in New York City, Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, and Highland Park Village in Dallas.

Parent Company LAFCO’s founder, Jon Bresler, believes Santa Maria Novella is installed in the best shopping areas in the U.S. because it offers only the best in its products. “The Santa Maria Novella boutique is a mecca for those who love the Italian lifestyle,” says Bresler, “a world of scents and flavors to be enjoyed by those who appreciate only the best.” It’s no wonder, given that Santa Maria Novella has been honing these offerings since the 15th century, and many of its products have fascinating and illustrious histories. For example, if the perfectly mixed citrus and bergamot flavors of the Santa Maria Novella Eau de Cologne signature scent draw you in, then you will most likely be intrigued to learn that the scent you covet was first concocted by the monks at Santa Maria Novella for the Queen of France. It is this rich history, as well as its impressive ability to relate and adapt to the expectations and desires of our current times, that has made Santa Maria Novella a world-famous brand, popular with A-listers and queens alike.

So we recommend heading over to the Shops for the opening and seeing what the fuss is all about. And should you make a purchase, you won’t be the only one who goes home happy. Twenty-five percent of the evening’s sales will benefit The University of Miami’s Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.