Vanity Fair Holds Fundraiser to Feed the Hungry

On February 28, 2010, Vanity Fair held a fundraiser, in collaboration with The Feed Foundation and the Hungry in America project, in order to raise awareness on America’s increasing hunger issue. Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio hosted the event at the Craft Los Angeles restaurant along with Managing Partner of CAA, Bryan Lourd.

Celebrities including David Arquette, Topher Grace, Ali Larter, Marcia Cross, and Elizabeth Berkley  as hundreds joined together to show their support for improving the country’s hunger crisis. While raising awareness for the cause, guests enjoyed food prepared by the award-winning chef, Tom Colicchio, along with other notable chefs including Nancy Silverton, Suzanne Goin and Michael Voltaggio.

The Feed Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in July 2008 that is dedicated toward improving the global food system. Their mission is to raise awareness on the hunger issues and increase funds to ensure nutritious meals for all children at school. They want to create change and affect areas in relation to hunger issues including agriculture, education and health.

The Hungry in America Project is designed around a campaign to create solutions and raise awareness of hunger in America. The project centers its focus on a documentary film titled Hungry in America that aims towards opening the eyes of the public by showing the history and causes of hunger in the country.

As the Executive Producer of Hungry in America, Tom Colicchio joined with the filmmakers of Feed USA to start a campaign to educate and push for pending legislation to end hunger by 2015.

Hungry In America Trailer