Living With The Oscars. It’s A Tough Job, But…

Feel like gambling? In LA that means one of a couple things: joining the truly motley crew at Commerce Casino, taking a big risk by driving to Pechanga, or getting out of town and making your way to Vegas.  This Sunday evening, we’ve been given one more option – Hotel Casa del Mar.  A classier joint than Commerce Casino or Pechanga and much closer than Las Vegas, Casa del Mar is hosting an Oscars viewing party on Sunday night in its Veranda Lounge, according to LA Times’ Daily Dish blog.

Before the show begins, you can cast a ballot of your most educated guesses for who will win Oscar gold and the person with the closest ballot wins their own prize at the end of the night.  The themed night doesn’t end there, either.  There will be a live Twitter feed of comments by you and yours throughout the course of the awards show and cocktails inspired by some of the nominated films – which likely means that the Twitter feed will be liquor-fueled and more entertaining by the end of the night.  Just because you order an Avartini or Inglourious Punch doesn’t mean you wanted those movies to win, either.  It’s all about taste with you.

Check out the hotel’s website for more information.

If you feel like staying in and watching the Oscars in your most comfortable sweatpants (the way most celebrities wish they could watch the show), but don’t want to compromise on delicious snacks, check out the Daily Beast’s take on Wolfgang Puck’s menu for this year’s dinner at the Governor’s Ball.  Where Puck will serve Mini Kobe Burgers with Aged Cheddar and Remoulade, the Daily Beast recommends Schlow Burgers with Cheddar, Crispy Onions, and Horseradish Sauce for home cooks.  For the complete menu, check the website here.