Arsht Goes Wicked in the Land of Oz

Adam Lambert’s former gig Wicked made its way to the Adrienne Arsht Center for the third time since its beginning in 2003. As always, it received rave reviews and praises from audiences both in sunny South Florida and all over the nation. Popular, which happens to be one of its well-known musical numbers, describes the relatively new show to the T. The witches will be hovering over Miami until March 21.

The popular musical, written by playwright Winnie Holzman, is said to resonate with kids and adults alike, though it can get scary at times for the wee ones. A fire-breathing dragon, the famous flying man-monkeys, and even the wizard himself (or itself, really) can prove a little frightening. Still, it proves to be a popular sight for kids to see.

The story follows the meeting of the two famous witches in The Wizard of Oz, and the birth and progression of their enduring yet unusual friendship. Elphaba, the future Wicked Witch of the West, meets Glinda the Good Witch, the perfect blond and Elphaba’s total opposite, with clever allusions to the famous movie in between.

Perhaps the reason both kids and adults alike enjoy this musical is because it caters to both audiences. For adults, Holzman’s script includes many puns and political metaphors. The story relates to kids (and arguably adults as well) through the emphasis on issues and trials of growing up: romantic rivalries, the struggle to be accepted, sibling jealousies, the experiences the witches have at school, and so on.

The reviews are in for the current cast. An important factor is the actors’ delivery of the story, and this season’s touring cast really delivers, according to The Miami Herald’s Christine Dolen. Donna Vivino captures Elphaba’s anger and discreet vulnerability, while Chandra Lee Shwartz provides just the right amount of comedy gold in her portrayal of Glinda the Good Witch.

Our recommendation: if you can still get your hands on those pretty little tickets (and their dogs, too), get them. All we need now is our brooms and magic disappearing powder.

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