The Spirit of Mexico Just Got A Little Closer to Downtown LA: Las Perlas Opens

Now that the Oscars are behind us (unless you intend on watching weeks worth of Fashion Police and Oscars commentary on every channel from E! to CNN), its time to relax, Angeleno style.  When we denizens of this city decide to put our feet up, there are very few options as attractive and effective as heading south of the border to Mexico.  Not all of us have time to book a flight, though, which is why we’re happily turning to the newly opened Las Perlas Mezcal and Tequila bar in Downtown LA.

Owned by Cedd Moses, the man behind the 213 nightlife group, Las Perlas will make you feel all of those laid back, impromptu-trip-to-Mexico feelings without the terrible fluorescent lighting of the airport.  Assuming you’re familiar with the medicinal and revitalizing benefits of a traditional Mexican spirit commonly known as tequila (okay, so not necessarily revitalizing), you’ll be well served to know your limits at Las Perlas.  Their menu features some rare tequilas produced by some of the regions smallest and most dedicated producers.

With the bar tended by some of LA’s most accomplished cocktail shakers from such frequented establishments as The Varnish, El Carmen, and Seven Grand, every type of tequila drinker is in good hands from the tequila-reminds-me-of-Spring-Break beginner to the I’ll-take-an-aged-dark-tequila-on-the-rocks veteran.  If you need your Mexican spirit mixed with some friendly chasers, worry not – they’ve got a tequila-heavy menu of mixed cocktails.  The bar serves very little in the way of food, so make sure you stop by one of downtown LA’s culinary haunts before tucking into your reviving trip south of the border.  Because Oscar week was stressful enough that shots of tequila actually do seem relaxing.

Las Perlas is located at 107 E. Sixth St in Downtown (213) 988-8355