Stuart’s Fall 2010 Collection Takes Rocker Chic to New Levels

No one knows how to breezily mix sharp, dark, rock ‘n’ roll with sexy and chic quite like Jill Stuart. The designer somehow manages to always make her “rough around the edges” designs look effortless and ultra sleek. This year’s show at New York Fashion Week wowed everyone from her dedicated celebrity clientele base, to your average, lucky-enough-to-afford common folk.

The show took place in the lavish New York Public Library, a perfect setting for her Fall 2010 collection (a collection that represented countless genres in history from the dark ages, all the way up to today’s more modern, geometric frame of mind and way of living).

Mena Suvari sat eagerly in the front row, while other celebrities like Michelle Trachtenberg and Jessica Szohr rushed to take their seats in excited anticipation. As soon as the first model took to the catwalk, every Stuart enthusiast in the room was immediately hushed due to the impressive, downright cool, collection that was coming to life before their very eyes.

Mixed prints, textures, and silhouettes were key in this collection, a mix that only the confident can pull off, not something for the boring or faint-hearted.

A large focus of the collection was also centered on menswear tailoring, the designer’s tuxedo jackets, hardware accessorized military coats, and hooded sweaters; All proof that menswear is so not just 2009. There were mini-dresses, silk, high-waist pants, and asymmetrically cut tops for the very feminine, very hip, and modern woman inside us all.

The collection received rave reviews and praise, some even calling it Stuart’s most wearable yet. The color palette for the Fall 2010 collection was dark of course, I mean, hello, this is Jill Stuart, but deep hues of orange-reds, purples, and blues still came into play from time to time to help freshen everything up a bit.

Black, velvety over-the-knee boots were paired with most ensembles, a definite sexy addition to each look and an even sexier one when being stomped, fearlessly down the runway.

After the final look was paraded down stage and the finale came to a close, Stuart and her daughter Morgan (a new addition to the label, the new assistant designer to be exact), took a bow together on stage, a hip closing to an always hip show.

For more exclusive haute looks visit the Haute Living events page. Images courtesy of Marion Curtis/Startraks Photo.

Highlights from the Stuart Show

JILL STUART FALL 2010 COLLECTION from Susanna Locascio on Vimeo.