Milly Inspires Fun for the Young that Anyone Can Wear

Michelle Smith debuted her Winter/Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear collection at The Promenade in Bryant Park yesterday afternoon. Her label, Milly targets the slightly younger generation, one with an insatiable appetite for lots of fun and of course, luxury. This season, the Milly collection made good use of brilliant colors and textures, a perfect combination for the girl who craves playfulness but also poise and finesse. Julia Stiles, Nicole Hanley, Natalie Press, and many others were all in attendance at Wednesday’s show.

The collection contained the perfect partnership of super bright, almost neon tights with your basic, no-fail pieces such as pea coats, party and shift dresses, and skirt and jacket combos. Other playful touches included berets, shiny, metallic shaded fabrics, and bright, leather gloves. Milly is like the perfect marriage between a young-at-heart soul and a professional, perfectly constructed couture being. Marvelous darling, simply marvelous.

Watch Highlights from the Milly Show