Behind the Velvet Ropes at Butter and 1Oak

Yesterday we brought you updates of all that Nur Khan, owner of Kenmare and Rose Bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel, has been up to during the frenzy of Fashion Week. Today we’re going behind the scenes with Scott Sartiano and Richie Akiva, some of the creative forces behind NYC hotspots Butter and 1Oak. The dynamic duo reveals to readers exactly how they first became interested in a career in nightlife. Quite simply, according to Akiva, who credits growing up in New York City as the foundation for his career, telling us that when considering the fickle nature of New Yorkers looking for the party, he always “sticks to [his] gut and trusts [his] decisions, and it always pays off.”

Both moguls cited Les Caves du Roy in Saint-Tropez as one of their favorite international lounges, also listing Jimmy’z in Monaco, Palais Club in Cannes, BC in Paris, and Amnesia in Ibiza. While they were both quite forthcoming in the Q&A feature “Kings of the Night,” they remained the ultimate professionals when we tried to get out of them some of the craziest moment that took place at one of their venues. “The thing about our venues is there are there are always crazy moments but most of those go unpublished. We like a level of secrecy for our customers and ourselves,” said Sartiano.

To find out the last place they went for fine dining, where we would find them on a Friday night, their favorite pastime, predictions for 2010, and what they never leave home without, check out the latest issue of Haute Living New York.