Schwarzenegger and Clinton Fight Obesity In California Schools

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is saying no to sugary “sports drinks” and yes to getting physical in California schools.

As part of an ongoing battle against childhood obesity, Schwarzenegger and former President Bill Clinton discussed solutions to the obesity crisis at today’s “2010 Summit on Health, Nutrition and Obesity: Action for Healthy Living” in downtown Los Angeles, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. This comes just after the announcement of several bills aimed at fighting the alarming rate of childhood obesity and the First Lady’s aggressive “Let’s Move” campaign working to raise a healthier generation of kids.

Along with upping the exercise and getting rid of the sugar-packed sports drinks, Governor Schwarzenegger’s leadership has put in place several strategies to promote health and nutrition. According to press materials from the Governor’s office, Schwarzenegger has:

  • Established the toughest school nutrition reforms in the nation, taking junk food and sugary sodas off our campuses.
  • Made California the first state in the nation to have its restaurant chains with 20 or more locations statewide post calorie information on menus and indoor menu boards for consumers.
  • Removed trans fats in school meals and phased out the use of trans fats in all California restaurants beginning in 2010 and from all baked goods by 2011.
  • Invested millions of dollars in fresh fruits and vegetables in school meals.
  • Adopted the first-ever physical education standards.
  • Reinvigorated the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, which focuses on rewarding positive leadership in implementing healthy living in youth.
  • Required each vendor who operates or maintains a vending machine on state property to satisfy the requirement that at least 35 percent of the food and at least one-third of the beverages offered in the vending machines meet accepted nutritional guidelines by January 1, 2011.
  • Proposed a comprehensive health care reform plan that emphasizes prevention and wellness.