Prince Charles’ Cuff Links Made from his Aston Martin

Want to purchase something made out the materials of a luxury vehicle? Check out Prince Charles’ cuff links! They’re made from his Aston Martin DB6 Volante.

These accessories are made by TMB ArtMetal, a London firm specializing in making jewelry and works of art out of the remnants of famous cars, trains, and even planes. The cuff links are formed from six pistons that were stripped from the Prince’s luxury car, just before it was changed to run on bio-fuel. Each pair will be made with 18-karat gold and the proceeds will be donated to the Prince’s Trust, the youth charity affiliated with the heir to the British throne. One version of the cuff links is an exact, miniature version of the DB6 Volante, while the other replicates the car’s fixings securing its wheels.

“These cuff links are quintessential conversation pieces, with each pair directly benefiting The Prince’s Trust. When I heard about the possibility of creating such future heirlooms from the Prince’s Aston, the project was irresistible,” said Christopher Bennett, managing director of TMB.

Only 200 pairs will be made, each pair priced at approximately $1,597.