The Surly Goat To Open Monday: There’s Nothing Surly About It

What’s dark, red, beer-soaked, named for an old German drinking competition, and set to open Monday in West Hollywood?  Stumped? The Surly Goat.  (Bet you feel silly for not getting that one.)   The collective food-wine-and-beer-loving set of Angelenos that obsessively follow what’s opening, closing, and just plain delicious have been waiting anxiously for The Surly Goat to open for a while now.

With the promise of 100 bottles of beer, 28 beers on tap, a wine list, and a full bar, it’s easy to understand why there’s been a buzz surrounding the space.  When you realize that Adolfo Suaya (the man behind Bar Deluxe) and Ryan Sweeney are at the helm, it’s even more obvious that you need to get on this bandwagon – especially now that they’ve named Monday their opening date.  You’ll be able to find everything you’ve ever looked for in beer – from rare Belgian brews to beers you’ve actually heard of before.  The décor makes for the perfect setting to sit down and knock a few back, in the most serious way possible.  Whether you sit at the bar, in the lounge, or out on the patio, you’ll gaze up at photos of goats (an obvious choice) as well as German beer memorabilia hung up against dark red walls.

When it comes to food, the jury’s still out and they’re prepared to open on Monday with a secured and serious beer, wine, and cocktail menu and, supposedly you’ll be able to wash it all down with a selection of cheeses and chocolates.  Who needs dinner with a menu like that, anyway?

The Surly Goat is located at 7929 Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood (323) 650-4628