Luxury Application for the iPhone

Who has an iPhone? Do you have an iPhone? I have an iPhone. We all have iPhones.  The technological truth is, we all either have one or know someone who does.

The introduction of the Apple iPhone unquestionably changed the way we look at cell phones.  And if being and industry pioneer once isn’t good enough, well, Apple and its little portable creation are at it again, only this time, it is in the form of and elite, never before seen, application for the phone itself.

As of today, Apple proudly offers to its elite customers only the iVIP application. That’s right, the iVIP.

And in case you haven’t already figured it out, this exclusive iPhone application is exclusively available to only the most huateworthy, elite, and the wealthy people on the planet.

How much does this application cost, you ask?  Well the application iVIP costs $999 just to download, and requires all would-be-purchasers to undergo an interview process as well as submit a recent bank statement in order to verify a high income.

Successful applicants will be granted a one-year membership to the iVIP program which includes a concierge service offering “money-can’t-buy” VIP opportunities and deals at the touch of a button.

The only serious drawback is that the iVIP application is only geared towards users living in the UK. Sorry all you elite Americans. I guess your going to have to either move to the UK or wait patiently for the iVIP application to come to you.