Jennifer Aniston Gives a Peek at the New Digs

After years of renovation and remodeling, Friends star Jennifer Aniston is finally finished. To celebrate her new homecoming, she gave the inside scoop to Architectural Digest on her new, Stephen Shadley-designed flat.

Sadley has worked on several celeb houses including Diane Keaton’s and Woody Allen’s. And Aniston opted to show off her new digs so “[she could] celebrate the people who made it: the master craftsman who poured so much of themselves into its creation,” according to The Real Estalker.

Aniston originally bought the place in Beverly Hills for $13.5 million from art collector Rosette Delug. The kicker: she bought it in 2006. We’re thinking she made some major renovations to have taken this long.

Delug had only purchased the house two years earlier as a result from a hefty settlement obtained from a divorce at the start of the millennium. Delug, however, had only purchased the pad for only $7.2 million. Ah, the wonders of the housing market.

Noteworthy architect Hal Levitt originally designed the place in the ‘70s. Paps beware. It now holds a long, maze-like driveway and Aniston has unquestionably added some serious square footage. As a small sampler of the degree of renovation going on in there, we’ll give you this, Aniston axed the master bathroom and transformed it into a hefty spa bath, complete with a wood-fashioned tub.

The article contains countless details that will make your head spin, so we’ll break it down to you like this: Do you really think Aniston is still crying over her romantic life in ruins now that she has her new digs? Puh-leez. The boys will be sure to treat her extra nice now, not that she didn’t have anything going for her before.