Forage Opens in Silver Lake and Wants Your Oranges.

When you have a craving for mille-feuille, no location is too far to quench your need. Same goes, obviously, for Chamomile Honey Vanilla Cake, Brioche Galette with Roasted Berries and Passion Fruit, or Alina’s Full-On Chocolate Cake.  Similarly, when it comes to Braised Meatballs with Grilled Bread, Chimichurri Rubbed Flank Steak, and Pork Belly Sandwiches, it’s hard to find any excuse not to venture far and wide.  Lucky for all carnivores and sweet tooths in Los Angeles, we have Forage – open now in Silver Lake.

The clean, white café space has opening hours you’ll want to commit to memory – wouldn’t want you to drive all that way, licking your lips in anticipation of Cauliflower Soup to find the lights off and doors locked.  They’re closed Monday, open Tuesday through Thursday from 5 – 8pm, Friday and Saturday they’re open for lunch (11am – 2pm) and dinner (5pm – 8pm) and then Sunday from 10am – 3pm.  (Phew! Got that?)

Regardless of what time it is, though, they are actively “foraging.” This means that chef Jason Kim (formerly the sous chef at Lucques) will buy what you’re selling, assuming it comes from your garden or farm and is currently on their list of needs.  Right now, they’re on the hunt for locally grown oranges and herbs.  What does this all mean to you and your hunger pangs? Not only will you be assured the quality of locally grown ingredients, you’ll also get to be a little more interactive when it comes to the menu.  On the restaurant’s website, for example, it says they’re searching for oranges to go with Jason’s special Sunday brunch.  You wouldn’t miss it for anything. Not even traffic.

Forage is located at 3823 W. Sunset Blvd. in Silver Lake (323) 663-6885