Chef Greenspan Plans To Open Grilled Cheese Shop

The chef/owner of The Foundry and alum of The Next Iron Chef Eric Greenspan have a new project in mind. Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese is not set in stone yet, but the idea came from his award winning grilled cheese sandwich at The Foundry. The new project would be a “quick serve” type of establishment, a lot of fun, and very chef-driven.

As for the menu, Greenspan plans some very tasty-looking dishes, including “short-ribs-and-taleggio” on raisin bread with a piquant apricot-caper schmear, a chicken wing, a bleu cheese type of sandwich, and his version of the media noche-pressed sandwich. There are also plans for different seasonal sandwiches, and a “make your own” type of dish. Let’s not forget the award-winning sandwich that started it all; the Champ will be first on the menu.