Bungalow 8 Delays Reopening

We were all excited back in December 2009 when Amy Sacco sent a blast email stating that the reopening for her chic club, Bungalow 8, would reopen during the infamous Fashion Week. We all thought of how fabulous that would be. Jump to February 2010 and guess what, the reopening has been pushed back until the end of March.

Last October, Sacco denied rumors of closing her club, stating that she merely was redoing the space and that was all. Yet, we can’t help but give up hope as Fashion Week approaches. There hasn’t been any mention of the reopening or any events booked at the club since her last announcement in December. As of now, no permits have been filed with the Department of Buildings, which leads me to my question–is she merely redecorating? All this cannot possibly be a bad case of procrastination. According to the SLA’s website, their liquor license expired in April 2009. That means that once the renovations are complete, they may have to start the licensing process all over again. Can we really expect all that to happen in about two months? I guess we all will have to practice patience, although, there are plenty of other posh spots in the city to entertain us.