Snail Eggs Are the New Caviar

Two international delicacies, caviar and escargot (snails), are a major delight within the upper class parties. However, there is a new luxury food trend that has captivated the attention of chefs. It’s called escargot caviar (snail caviar or snail eggs). These eggs are so exclusive because they’re farmed, and extremely rare; over the course of a year, a snail only produces for grams of eggs.

These escargot eggs are large and plumb. In terms of their taste, some describe it as one of its kind, while others compare the taste with that of the endangered sturgeon caviar.

So how can you get some? Well, this delicacy is currently only available in select locations, but United States’ markets are taking notice. Celebrity chefs like Andrew Zimmern are now promoting snail caviar in their travel food shows. You can get them at Harrods in London, Hediard and La Grande Epicerie in Paris, Boucherie du Molard and Lyzamir in Geneva, Loegismose in Denmark, Plantin in the USA, and House of Caviar in the Netherlands.