Courtney Love Shops the West Village, Again

The hot mess, fake-Chanel-wearing rocker has been eyeing the West Village for the past two years. Of course her house hunting has been on and off since her departure from 30 Crosby Street, but it is not clear whether she is really going to plant some roots in this neighborhood.

Recently, she was spotted leaving the Marc Jacobs store on West 4th and Bank Streets then heading over to 56 Bank Street. And why should we care? Well, this townhouse is currently on the market and she did linger inside for quite a while. There isn’t sufficient evidence that reveals if she will actually purchase this place or if she is merely an open house wanderer. What is clear is that she stayed for a while. Come on, how long does it take to look at a New York property, really? It may be nothing; then again it can be something. If it is, then West Village residents, consider yourselves warned.

The home is a historic three-story townhouse, and includes a finished English basement and a small garden. It has been on the market since 2007 and started at $7.48 million. Since then, prices have dropped to $5.998 million.