Beauty and the Geek

Beauty met intellect at the Chic Meets Geek party held on February 4, at the always-trendy Automattic Lounge on Pier 38 in San Francisco.

The event featured a silent auction and some of the most prominent names in both the chic and geek worlds.  From video game inventors to beauty queens, the event offered an opportunity for both worlds to collide and exchange valuable time and knowledge with one another.  The purpose of the event was to bring both ends of the cultural spectrum together and socialize in a setting that was both casual and classy.

The Chic Meets Geek party also focused on highlighting various non-profit groups that relate to the panelist’s expertise.  The expert panel at this event consisted of major players in the Chic and Geek worlds, such as Kai Huang, inventor of Guitar Hero, and Annette Jordan, a Miss California Pageant candidate in 2010.  The events featured sponsor was, a non-profit group that helps mentor underprivileged high school students in the world of entrepreneurship.  This particular cause hits home with the founder of these events, Carol Tran, who feels that her success was due to the guidance offered by her own mentors.

Close to 300 guests arrived to garner some time with amazingly beautiful and intelligent ‘Chics and Geeks’.  All of the proceeds from the auction will help fund’s social initiative.  The event brought in several thousands of dollars for their cause.

Many-featured male guests dressed in t-shirts, sport coats, and jeans, while many of the women wore cocktail dresses.  Guests applauded the spicy footwork of world champion Salsa dancers, whose well-versed routines entertained the crowd.  Live jazz music accentuated the stylish party as guests drank cocktails from the open bar.  The entire event was a hit as two opposites attracted for a good cause.