A Hellish Vacation in the Hamptons

In the midst of a hectic life, all of us need to take a vacation from time to time.  Some travel more than others, but everyone one of us likes to step away from the daily grind and kick back in style.

For all you haute readers who have ever rented a summerhouse for the week, open your eyes a bit wider and check this out. Beware. Its kind of scary if you ask us.

Keith Rubenstein, owner of the Manhattan real estate firm Somerset Partners, is like many of us in that he likes to vacation in haute destinations around the world.  Recently, Rubenstein paid $195,000 for a six-week summer rental in the Hampton’s.  Sounds like fun right? Wrong!

Rubenstein is now suing the property’s owner claiming that the “deluxe seasonal rental” was a dump with lousy air conditioning, a spa that wasn’t working, dead shrubs everywhere, and defective appliances.  Sounds rough if you just dropped that kind of loot to enjoy yourself for a couple of weeks.

Accompanying the problems already listed, the suit claims that the property’s pool was defective, steps where cracked and broken, and the walk to the beach was more of an obstacle course of thorn filled, overgrown shrubs, then anything else.

Rubenstein’s lawyer recently said that the place is not at all what his client expected.  He said the place was an absolute dump, and certainly not what Rubenstein paid for.

The lawsuit claims that the seven-bedroom rental house was anything but the oceanfront oasis that Rubenstein was promised.

Rubenstein wants the home’s owner at the time, Mid-Summer Dream LLC, to return his $19,500 security deposit along with at least a quarter of the $195,000 rent.

Yet despite Rubenstein’s claims, a Hampton’s real estate web site recently listed that the Meadow lane property in question just sold for $14.8 million.  Now that is a lot of money to pony up for a place that apparently needs some serious maintenance.