Mercedes-Benz Unveils the Sedan of the Future

Have you ever wondered what cars will look like in the future? Not the flying cars seen on Sci-fi shows, but the cars in the not-too-distant future. Mercedes did too, and recently they unveiled their idea for a futuristic sedan.

The luxury automaker’s newest concept car, the F800 Style research vehicle, will be showcased soon at the Motor Show in Geneva. But, since Mercedes just couldn’t help themselves, they have chosen to give us a few images (a preview, if you will) of the groundbreaking concept car.

What’s so groundbreaking about it one might ask? Well, for one thing (and perhaps the most innovative thing), it has sliding rear doors and a swivel arm design that eliminates the need for door rails. We thank Mercedes-Benz for that since it gives it a stealthier look than other models.

Though the sliding doors might be enough for some enthusiasts, for Mercedes it just wouldn’t be a concept car if it didn’t have more to offer. The F800 will has plug-in hybrid or fuel-cell drive propulsion for all you green enthusiasts out there. It also comes with luxury features such as a translucent roof, a wood finish inside, as well as more comfort and space.

Mercedes-Benz is known for cars that exude, among other things, the utmost luxury. Their much-desired combination of speed, comfort, and unique style is definitely present in their latest baby; it is also one of many reasons why Mercedes-Benz has been (and will always be) an automaker powerhouse to watch out for.