Reporting from the 35th Floor at Sony

Feel good vibrations echoed along the floors and through the white marble hall of the 35th floor of 550 Madison last night. We heard Vedera’s sweet dreamy pop melodies and the soaring vocals of singer Kristen May in the hallway as we checked our coats. Sneaking into the Sony Club, just a few minutes late, we settled in to enjoy the show.

Vedera, an Indie band quartet from Kansas City, who just so happens to be the iTunes single of the week artist, played tracks from their upcoming album Stages. The twelve track album, produced by Epic Records, will be released February 2.

Following their performance, the band mingled among the intimate audience, comprised of a youthful group of industry insiders and music executives. Waiters with vintage bow ties poured The Formula Shiraz, Vientos Viognier, and fresh Panna Water. Silver platters of spring rolls, mini pizzas and bite-size tender beef satay were served. Standing among the thick rimmed glasses, plaid, bowler hats and oversized Gucci and YSL accessories we truly felt among the cool kids in the industry.

We snagged a CD and gingerly extended the copy for autographs from drummer Drew Little and bass guitarist Jason Douglas. When asked what’s next, Drew told us “it’s off to Sundance, can’t wait, snowboarding and shopping.”

Instilled with a slight buzz, we departed and gracefully passed Clive Davis’ door, whom we were told was still burning the late night oil.

If you can’t wait until the 2nd, here’s a sneak preview of Vedera