To Asia Pacific with Crystal Bangles We Go: News from Cavalli

Italian Fashion House, Roberto Cavalli announced that they will be developing their presence in Asia, as well as expanding their accessories collections.

Cavalli CEO Gianluca Brozzetti told interviewers at the Milan show last week that the fall in consumption in Europe and the United States has stopped, and that there were “some signs of things getting better.” The company has re-focused on organizing operations and management teams where growth has shown promising signs, such as South America and the Asia Pacific.

Consumption of luxury goods severely declined in Europe and the United States over the past 18 months. However, savvy consumers with an eye on the pocketbook are still snatching up jewelry, hats, shoes, and clutches as ways to revamp last season’s wardrobe. A black dress with a crystal bead necklace still breathes fashionista at a mere $1,370, but an animal print from last year speaks ‘so last season.’

Keep an eye out for the wide-netted belts which walked down the F/W 10 runway in Milan.