The Pendulum Still Swings for Santa Monica

It looks like the 20s isn’t the only thing known for swinging anymore. The Santa Monica City Council officially signed off on a contract last week with LA design firm Ball Nogues Studio. They approved for a a giant pendulum structure to go up on the east wall of Parking Structure 7.

The giant desk toy mural is one of many “under construction” Pugh and Scarpa lots attached to the construction-riddled Santa Monica place. The first look-see was in 2008, but the final design (with a whopping 450 giant, Stainless Steel balls) was approved in November.

Ball-Nogues’ website describes it: “[It’s] an aggregation of mirror polished stainless steel spheres, the sculpture operates structurally like an enormous Newton’s Cradle–the ubiquitous toy found on the desktops of corporate executives,” describes the Ball-Nogues website. “As a whole, the balls imply an articulated surface suggestive of foam or sea life.”

Another architectural miracle coming soon includes a tile piece by Anne Marie Karlsen, which will go up on the west wall of Parking Structure 8 on the other side of the mall. It’s simply awe-inspiring, and it strangely makes us wonder what’ll happen if we attempt to swing one of the balls from the end.