Super Fabulous Super Bowl Celebrations

If you are lucky enough to be heading to Miami for this year’s Super Bowl XLIV, chances are, you want to enjoy your stay to the fullest, meaning no skimping on anything whatsoever during your stay. Miami is an exciting place to be any time of the year, bowl game or no bowl game, but since the Florida hot spot is hosting this years’ there are plenty of luxury packages to choose from to enjoy your football-crazed weekend in major, comfortable, make- everyone-else-envious, style.

Fine Things Packages is one company that is helping you do that, specializing in luxury sports packages. Their “Ultimate Super Bowl Package” starts at $15,000 per person and includes round-trip airfare to Miami, a four-night stay at the Four Seasons Miami, a lower-level ticket to the game, somewhere between the 30- and 50-yard line, a ticket to your choice of one of the Saturday night parties (Playboy, Sports Illustrated etc.), as well as many other well-worth-it amenities. But if you feel $ 15,000 is a bit too much to spend on this year’s big game, don’t fret because there are still other options that ensure a super luxurious, Super Bowl celebration. The company also offers packages starting at $4, 350, with the only real difference being the quality of hotels and/or the quality of your game day seat location. But just know one thing; wherever you rest your head at night and wherever you rest your tush during the game, Fine Things Packages deals with only the fabulous, they never dabble in the lame.

Via: Luxist