Trailblazing Design

Bentley is one of the most revered names in the luxury world, as its designers consistently raise the benchmark for stylish creations. Luckily, they don’t limit their practice to fine autos. Bentley’s team has lent their talents to create a plethora of luxury items in conjunction with other top-tier brands, such as laptops in conjunction with Ego, suitcases with Alfred Dunhill, and watch safes with Stockinger.

This winter, they took their skills to the slopes. The design team from the U.K.-based automaker collaborated with the masterminds of Switzerland’s Zai Supersport for the creation of ‘one-of-a-kind’ zai for Bentley Supersport ski line, which includes handmade skis, poles, and ski bags. The ‘one-of-a-kind’ label is a tad misleading, however, as zai for Bentley Supersport will create 250 numbered pairs of the skis; perhaps the term refers to Zaiìra, a composite material developed specifically for the item. The skis are priced around $9,800, and are available for order via zai distributors or at

Interested in something a little more feminine? Fortunately, skiing has always been a part of Chanel collections; Mademoiselle Chanel was known for her design of chic outfits for the slopes. Today, Chanel offers a broad range of ski-worthy styles inspired by and for the elegant women of Saint Moritz.
Karl Lagerfeld’s 2000/01 Fall/Winter ready-to-wear collection (one word: stunning) featured Chanel’s first-ever complete ski line. More recently, the designer debuted daring black quilted skis. This winter, however, Chanel went back to the classics with the new parabolic skis made with a combination of precious wood and carbon fiber.

Chanel skis are available in black or wood finish for $4,055, and can be purchased at select Chanel boutiques, where you can also spend some time perfecting your après–ski style.