Restaurants That Died, And Others Hanging On For Dear Life

We know that every restaurant is biting their nails, stepping up their game, hoping the recession doesn’t affect them. Let’s face it, throughout last year, even some of the good ones went down. Here, we provide you with a list of every single restaurant that has ever been put on Eater’s Deathwatch since they began tracking them four years ago, but keep in mind that they had a year break between the fall of 2008 and 2009. 28 of them are gone forever, 15 are still working but are being monitored, and 3 were taken off the list for good.

1. Aspen
2. Ama
3. Kobe Club
4. Merkato 55
5. Devin Tavern
6. Steak Frites (7th Ave South)
7. FR.OG
8. Sheridan Square
9. Zoe Townhouse UES
10. Maremma
11. Barfry
12. HQ
13. Suba
14. Dani
15. Gin Lane
16. Varietal
17. Cronkite Pizzeria
18. Lonesome Dove
19. LoSide
20. Jovia
21. Sascha
22. J. Cool
23. 66
24. Jefferson
25. Barca 18
26. Rice On Mott (though it reopened in the same nabe)
27. Biltmore Room
28. Bistro Du Vent

ALIVE, but still on Deathwatch
1. Shang
2. South Gate
3. Ilili
4. Country
5. Degustation
6. Jack’s Oyster Bar
7. Jewel Bako
8. Blue Seats
9. Paris Commune
10. Russian Tea Room

In Remission (due to time on list)
1. Diablo Royale (Remission, last we checked in)
2. Buddha Bar (Remission, for two years)
3. Cercle Rouge (Remission, for two years)
4. Barbounia (newly in remission)
5. 24 Prince (newly in remission)

Deathwatched, De-Listed, and Very Much Still Alive
1. Alto (was taken off the list in Jan 2008)
2. Beer Table  and 3. Beer Table and Burger Shoppe  (these were put on the Deathwatch because of overpriced menu items, but are both great restaurants that will survive.

Via: Eater NY