Restaurant Headline Predictions for 2010

The restaurant headlines that will take over the papers in 2010 certainly have some stiff competition from last year. As 2010 unfolds, we will have to wait and see what stories grab the public’s attention, however, there are a few New Yorkers who are making some predictions for what, or who, will be the top stories of 2010.

Steve Cuozzo, NYPost: “Tavern on the Green reopens as extremely large bank branch offering ‘synergy’ with park.”

Steve Shaw, eGullet: “Death of Print, Finally”

Bret Thorn, Nation’s Restaurant News: “Celebrity chef doesn’t open burger joint.”

Gabriella Gershenson, Food Editor TONY: “Celebrity chefs make a comeback.”

Ryan Patrick Sutton, restaurant critic Bloomberg: “Casual walk-in restaurants create demand and manage their own food inventories more efficiently by requiring reservations specifically for popular items much to the chagrin of diners who thought you only needed to battle the phone lines at French Laundry; Thomas Keller realizes he needs to give New York the Balthazar-sized Bouchon it deserves so we don’t have to spend two hours waiting for a Balthazar brunch table.”

Chris Stang & Andrew Steintha, Immaculate Infatuation: “David Chang elected governor; Elliot Spitzer opens gastropub on Ludlow.”

Jeff Zalaznick, founder of Always Hungry: “Welcome to New York: LA Restaurants (Bazaar, Animal, Kogi Truck); Lamb Belly is the new Pork Belly; Mexican Sandwich Craze.”

Kate Krader, restaurant editor Food & Wine: “VEGETABLES; and maybe more healthy dishes. Chefs are making meat the side dish for health and environmental reasons. Also, more southern (at an upcoming place there’s word of barbecue spaghetti!!). And more regional American, yippee. And I think/hope there’s a new tier being established above the comfort food mob. Eleven Madison’s 4th star was so huge – also Marea’s success.”

Zach Brooks, mayor of Midtown: “Ma Peche Officially Opens; 14 Bloggers Killed in Opening Day Stampede”

Danyelle Freeman, Restaurant Girl: “South East Asian food is going to get even more popular this year. Fish sauce and chili paste are about to become common condiments. I’m most excited about Peruvian dishes and ingredients — like corn and peppers. It might be wishful thinking, but I think New York is finally going to get some standout Mexican joints with cactus dishes, regional moles, and tamales.”

Jay Cheshes, restaurant critic for TONY: “Manhattan annexed by Italy.”

Foster Kamer, Blackbook and Gawker scribe: “Various opinions about eating at the bar, most of them incorrect. Michael Bao opens franchise on International Space Station; Steve Cuozzo hired by Diner’s Journal; Hit job on Pete Wells paid for by restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow; Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Vegetables announced for publication in 2011.”

Robert Sietsema, Village Voice critic: “Former Top Chef contestant commits suicide, Tom Colicchio shills for Red Lobster, Padma gives birth to Rosemary’s baby.”

Merri Lee Kinglsy, publisher of Saveur: “All about the real deal…Authenticity and heritage is hip.”

Leventhal: “San Fransisco Chefs Storm NY; East Coast Goes Farm to Table.”